Upcoming Events

 March 2020

Seminar "Identifying shifts in interpreter-mediated formal interaction"

Guest speaker: dr. Zhang Rui, Dalian University of Technology, P.R. of China

  • Venue: KU Leuven Campus Brussels, Hermes 3, Rm. 6303
  • Date: 19 March, 12:30-13:30

In this talk, dr. Zhang Rui will analyze changes in meaning initiated by the interpreter during the consecutive interpretation of the 2017 Chinese Premier’s Press Conference (the CPPC). This live-televised and live-webcast interpreted conference offers a channel for the highest-level political leader to meet the international journalists face-to-face and is one of the most prominent forms of interpreting in China.The guest speaker will provide a unique insight into how the Chinese official voice is co-constructed by intervention of the (official) interpreter.

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April 2020

BCCDS co-organizes the 17th International EATS (European Association of Taiwan Studies) Conference in cooperation with EASt (ULB).  

"Narrating Taiwan: Re-imagining, re-writing, and re-connecting Taiwan" 
Call for papers: forthcoming
  • Venue: ULB, Brussels
  • Date6-8 April 2020

Follow the news on: https://www.eats-taiwan.eu/conference/eats-2020-conference