Who We Are

After the successful organization of a pilot event in February 2010 on “Discourses on the Cross-Strait Rapprochement”, which resulted in a discussion of potential collaborative projects, the core working group consisting of two HUB-researchers, Lutgard Lams (Faculty of Arts) and Frank Gotzen (Law Faculty), decided to launch a center for interdisciplinary research into Chinese Discourse Studies (Brussels Center for Chinese Discourse Studies, BCCDS), embedded within the Faculties of Arts and Law at the KU Leuven Campus Brussels, where both disciplines of communication and law studies (in particular IPR studies) have a longstanding history and can provide the center’s academic pillars. The initiative reflects the current trend of growing international interest in the participation of the Chinese communities on the global stage. It also emphasizes the workgroup’s commitment to academic research objectives and its openness to the international research dimension.  
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