Pilot Event of BCCDS-Working Group, 2010

posted May 7, 2011, 9:09 AM by Lutgard Lams   [ updated Nov 28, 2011, 12:31 PM ]

Pilot Event of HUB Working Group on “Discourses in and about China” 

February 1, 2010

Topic: Discourses on the Cross-Strait Rapprochement

Guest speaker: Leou Chia-feng (SOAS, Ph.D. Cand.)

For this event, a guest speaker, Leou Chia-feng, was invited to give a talk on “Discourses on the Cross-Strait Rapprochement” at the HUB Campus Koningsstraat on 1st February 2010. The session was opened by Lut Lams who explained the purpose of the meeting, upon which the participants from various Belgian universities and EU institutions introduced themselves to facilitate tracking common interests. The guest speaker then presented his recent research on the diverging perspectives concerning the political economy of the changing Cross-Strait relations. Referring to various media reports, the speaker discussed the complexity involved in the discursive construction of the renewed rapprochement and raised questions about implications on the practical level, such as Cross-Strait exchange of agricultural produce and intellectual property right matters.

The talk was followed by a lively discussion about the discourses on the impact of China’s rising influence not only on the Asia-Pacific region, but also on a global scale. Various avenues for future workshops within a joint research framework were put forward:

- the role of discourse in the Cross-Strait issue

- China’s current self-profiling discourse in the international realm (e.g. soft power strategies and public diplomacy through expansion of its media following the Al Jazeera model, the establishment of Confucius Institutes)

- the discursive aspect of Chinese humanitarian aid, economic development and peace-keeping programs worldwide

- the newly emerged IPR issue (for example, ‘shan-zhai’ (copycatting))

- domestic rise of Chinese nationalist discourses against foreign capitalist ‘imperialism’ (recent Google case)                          

About the Guest Speaker:

Dr. LEOU Chia-feng, Ph. D. (SOAS, London), specializes in Taiwan’s Democratization and Financial Governance. He currently works as Director of the Opinion Pages of the Formosa Weekly. Previously, he served as Director of Planning and Training at Ketagalan Institute, Taipei (2006-2008), Human Rights Officer at Liberal International, London (2003-2004), Secretary at the Office of the President, Taipei (2000-2002).