Prof.dr. Qing Cao

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Durham University, UK


Research Interests

My research focuses on Chinese media and communication with three strands. The first is concerned with the role of the mass media in transforming traditional China into a modern society. The second looks at the power and impact of language use in shaping people’s perceptions of reality, and the way in which people respond to rapid social changes. The third examines mutual representations between China and the West in the media, focusing on the reproduction of cultural identities through images of the other. My central concern in all these strands is the way in which the mass media impact on the ability of people to make sense of the world they live in in a cross-cultural context. Currently I am working on a project that looks at the press of the late Qing and early Republic periods. This UK Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project translating modernity: a linguistic investigation of the migration of western ideas to China around the turn into the 20th century examines how new concepts rooted in European post-enlightenment values were linguistically reconstructed in the newly emergent late imperial Chinese press. It seeks to understand the linkage between the rise of modern vocabularies and a fundamental shift of worldview of the Chinese cultural and political elites around the turn into the 20th century.


Selected Publications


·       China under Western Gaze: Representing China in the British Television Documentaries, 1980-2000, World Scientific, 2014

Edited book/journal

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Journal article

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Book chapter

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